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August 2009

Not good at anything save one thing

by Jeff on August 12, 2009

So nobody probably noticed this cause I have like three readers (not to sound thankless, as I really appreciate your attention and tolerance of my rants), but I haven’t posted in a while. No worries … life and work both really ramped up in the last few weeks. Life on the wedding planning side, work on the building-a-wedding-planning Website side.

This may not sound like a relevation to anyone, but when you get completely overloaded and busy, nothing you do seems to come out like you want it to. For example, I’ve been writing a Web site lately, but I’m so hurried to get it done to move on to another project that it really sounds like crap (and I’m not the only one that thinks this, as my business partner commented on how it wasn’t up to my usual standards). And, I cooked dinner tonight for Groomasaurus Gal and myself, and I even went to the effort to make pesto with fresh basil out of our yard, but I put like waaaaaaaay to much of it on our veggies to the point that both of us felt nauseous because it was too rich.

There’s something about being so rushed that the details seem to slip through your hands, like taking the time to comment on how great your sig other looks before they walk out the house to go to work, or sitting on the floor with your dogs for 5 full minutes of bellyrubs (instead of focusing on your laptop or the TV screen while they watch you).

In fact, the only thing I’ve gotten right lately is giving Groomasaurus Gal a goodnight headrub (and, no, I’m not headed down any kinky path here). She finds it calming if I stroke her hair and massage her scalp when she’s trying to fall asleep, and I think I’m better at this than anything else in life. That may sound lame, but actually I find it comforting, because when we try to do a thousand things perfect we will disappoint ourselves at every turn, but if we focus on the simple things, the things that make people around us happy, all the other crap drifts away like smoke wafting into the night.

So here’s to the simple things and to headrubs.

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