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by on January 15, 2010

We continue to feature guest bloggers this month, and today’s guest is Amy Patel from Planning Elegance, a California-based wedding coordination company.Guys got planning game, too I would like to thank Amy and her team for their valued advice for any groomasaurus-to-be. And make sure to stop by their wedding advice blog for more great tips and guidance on everything wedding related.


Everyone involved in the planning process tends to act like the wedding is all about the bride and sometimes, we may forget about the groom. Often times we, as wedding planners, may not even meet the groom until the wedding day! Here are wedding duties that the MAN in the relationship, the soon-to-be-hubby: THE GROOM – this is what you should be handling throughout the wedding planning process.

The Bar and Beverages
The bar is the most common thing that brides will put their beaus in charge of for the wedding. Generally, the groom handles how much of their budget can handle the bar, what types of alcohol should be available, and how the bar payments will be handled. Hey guys, here’s some bar advice on how to handle this responsibility for your wedding reception. Don’t forget to have fun doing this – if there’s a theme to your wedding, maybe you can have some signature drinks. If you’re a tequila man, then see if your venue can offer a tequila bar, this will definitely add some heat to the reception. There’s also the option of a separate beer and wine station, or a full whiskey bar!

If you are having a non-alcoholic wedding – you can play around with what we call “Mocktails”. Your guests don’t have to stick to just plain old Sprite, Coke, and water – they can have apple cider, virgin cocktails/”mocktails”, smoothies, tropical juices, rootbeer floats…be creative!Colorful signature drinks are a great way to spice up your big day. Guests enjoy creative and tasteful drinks and there are vendors that you can even hire for a fresh fruit smoothie bar or to create ice cream and beverage concoctions.

You can also make the the drinking options more interesting with an ice bar, martini luge, tray-passed drinks by servers, or different colored drinks for different tables. Colors are the best and most affordable way to play around with wedding beverages and create a cool and classy atmosphere for your wedding reception. Spruce up the look by using interesting glasses, cute little umbrellas, fresh garnishes like oranges and cherries, even colored ice!

The Gift Registry
Okay, so you got dragged along with your beautiful fiancee through Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Crate & Barrel registering for kitchen and living room items – you just don’t care if you go with eggshell white or ivory colored sheets for your bedroom! So now it’s your turn! There are some great registries for the groom out there and you should register at more than one store to provide your guests with options. Best Buy is a great place for your wedding registry if you’re into electronics, music, movies, home theater, or video games. An original idea would be to add on your wedding website what your favorite sports team is, then your friends can all pitch in to try to get season tickets for you and your beau – best wedding gift ever for sports fans everywhere. Then there’s the all-too-popular The Man Registry! This site has all types of great gifts that men will love and things that are classy enough to give as wedding presents. Have fun with this because your wedding gifts are a great enjoyment after a long wedding day and night – look forward to opening up that George Forman Grill, that plasma screen TV, or the autographed baseball you’ve been dying for!

The Wedding Band
So maybe you’re not so keen on the jewelry and even though you may not want to wear a ring, at least you can pick your own style out. There are many different styles and metals of wedding bands that you can choose from. Generally, these rings aren’t too showy and have the same pattern all the way around the band. It can have one or two indented lines, grooves, have a hammered pattern, or be plain. Different metals have different colors and properties. There is yellow or white gold, which are both great quality and can be made to fit any size finger.

Platinum is great because it’s heavy weight can make you feel like a man, but it’s a bit on the expensive end. Sterling silver is nice and affordable, however it is for a man that likes a shiny ring. Titanium and palladium are popular choices because of their colors and they are very light weight. While tungsten is great because it has a very dark, unique color. Choose a ring that fits your style as well as your finger :)Any types of diamonds or gems are also available in wedding bands, discuss with you jeweler the qualities your want in a wedding band. If you are thinking about having a diamond, make sure you learn about how to select the right diamond for you so that you don’t break your budget. Decide on a budget or at least a price range – depending on the style, metal, stones, and design that you are looking for, you may even be able to custom-design your ring for an affordable price.

The Honeymoon
You can plan the honeymoon. While your beau is planning the wedding details and forgetting about the honeymoon, you can book the flight(s), accommodations, food, and activities. This is a great thing for the groom today because he can enjoy searching through websites for great deals and places to go. You shouldn’t plan the entire honeymoon without inquiring with your wife-to-be, get some tips on planning the honeymoon and ask your bride-to-be’s advice on where she wants to go and what she wants to do. You can book and plan all the details, which most women will find very romantic.

To all the grooms out there that think they have been forgotten: there are things for you to do and ways to contribute that you can enjoy. Signature drink taste testing, running around Best Buy with the registry gun, choosing metals for your wedding band, and looking up places to go snorkling and sky diving for your honeymoon can be your contributions to make your wedding unique and memorable. Congratulations – you are officially a groomasaurus!!

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Kevin January 18, 2010 at 9:46 am

I’m probably not normal, but I’ve been really into planning certain parts of our wedding. I really enjoyed the part where we got to visit all of the catering companies and eat, and registering has been awesome because you just pick out stuff for other people to buy for you! We didn’t register at Best Buy, but we made a registry on and they let you pick stuff from any store, so I even snuck an Xbox on our registry! I don’t know what everyone else is complaining about, wedding stuff is actually kind of fun!

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