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Wedded to Distraction on Fridays

by Jeff on June 2, 2009

Wife-husband wedding planners on Wedded to Perfection (her horns are missing in this shot) - Picture courtesy of TLC Web site

Wife-husband wedding planners on Wedded to Perfection (her whip is missing in this shot) - Picture courtesy of TLC Web site

Back when I was in my 20s, I remember if I spent a Friday night at home I felt like I was missing out on some gem of an experience, like a DJ ripping it or a party full of amazingly erudite conversation or a lounge with a comfy vibe and high-octane drinks. Fast forward 20 years and now on Friday night I’m holding court with Groomasaurus Gal (GG) in my TV room watching crappy TV. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Of course we could be using our time much more productively, reading Proust, learning a new language, even planning our wedding. But by Friday night I’m so tired of thinking that I just want brain candy and a stiff drink (a good anejo tequila like Maestro or Cielo fits the bill here). So lately we’ve been flipping to shows like The Fashion Show (Kelly Rowland needs to stop trying to be an ice-queen like Heidi Klum and warm up a bit, IMHO), The Food Network’s Chopped and TLC’s What Not To Wear. I especially like the latter, as GG and I equally like bashing the difficult guests (for god’s sake, you’ve just been given $5K to spend on clothes … stop bitching) and rooting for those with self-esteem issues. I understand the idea of the show is to tutor those with little to no taste in clothing, but I’ve always said about music that even people with bad taste deserve to listen to something (sorry if I offend anyone, but I usually say this after overhearing Dave Matthews or Blues Traveler). Some people just aren’t into stylish clothes, so why make them feel as if they’re doing something wrong by wearing their tie-dyed halter tops. I guess I’m oddly conflicted about this.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, after an episode of What Not To Wear this last Friday we decided to watch Wedded to Perfection, which follows a wife-husband (listed in order of dominance) wedding-planning team based in NYC. They plan all these events for all the bluebloods and monied of Manhattan, and although I know some people spend a bundle on weddings, I was a bit shocked that their clients’ weddings start at $200K and go up in the millions. I thought our destination wedding costs were a little steep, but these people party like the pharaohs.

The show would be a good one to watch for brides who want to get ideas about place settings and floral arrangements and funky touches like an underlit escort card table (okay, I’m an idiot, but I didn’t even know what an escort card was before the show). But the real reason to watch the show is to get a glimpse at the dynamic of the wife-and-husband team. She’s a Type-AAAAAAA New Yorker who is on her game, obviously knowledegable and talented, and alpha-dog bossy. I’ve had demanding bosses for whom I would walk through fire because they were also supportive and true mentors, and I’ve had demanding bosses who leave a room and everyone wants to throw rocks at the back of their head. I’m not saying she would necessairly fall into the latter category, but she really got under my skin.

Thank goodness for her husband, who seems to be a sincerely nice guy and a good fence-mender. GG and I both agreed that if it weren’t for him, they’d have to rehire new staff quite often. So, all said, you should check out the show for the ideas and the catty interplay between the wife and you, the viewer. Enjoy…

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I was browsing around groom attire sites today, just getting some ideas, and as I browsed past dozens of tuxedos and suits, I began to wonder about the real need for bowties. Most guys are not tie guys. They may not be as uncomfortable as panty hose, but they are our one piece of attire that has a high irritability to practicality ratio. Unless you’re an attorney or accountant and still have to wear one of those ungodly things to the office, most of us consider neckties a necessary evil for weddings and funerals, and don’t get us started on bow ties. Those are strictly the domain of proms, weddings and, if you’re lucky, inaugural balls or the Oscars. But why is that?

Well, I presume the idea is that these occasions require that a person get all gussied up beyond any reasonable measure, mainly because the pictures will presumably be lasting the rest of your life. And I agree that we guys should definitely try to look our best and take pride in our big day, but I think we should look our best in our own way and not be expected to wear something that we wouldn’t be caught dead in any other situation. If you ask your fiancee or boyfriend what he thinks about this, he may say he doesn’t care and that he’ll do whatever you want, but he’s secretly hoping you pick out a nice, normal black necktie for him.

So I’ll get off my soapbox now and wish you all a relaxing weekend.

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I love shoes

by Jeff on April 30, 2009

I understand this blog is about planning a wedding, and no wedding getup is complete without a great pair of shoes … I’m talking about the groom’s shoes, of course.

I’m one of the few guys I know whose shoe collection clearly outdistances that of his better half. I have shoes for every occasion, every mood, every climate. Feeling spiffy. Bam, I pull out my Born camel-colored laceups or my Ecco black leathers. Even spiffier. Wham, my Brooks Brothers wingtips. A little funky. My John Fluevog dress loafers. Fun but still funky? Oh no he didn’t … out come my green and yellow Globe skateboard boats. Sporty? There’s my black Asics joggers, blue Addidas track retros, throwback Reebok BB highs, etc. Throwback? How bout Bass suede bucks, Doc Martin biker boots and, of course, a rainbow of Chuck Ts. I could go on all night (and bore the hell out of you).

Anyways, I was thinking about shoes for our wedding, and because we’re getting married on a beach, and there are a few directions I can go. So far, here are the contenders. Let me know what you think…

There’s the ultra-casual choice, Reef leather sandals…


The funky choice, Converse Chuck Ts…


A bit more dressy and cosmo, the John Fluevog Radio …


Or something a bit more traditional, like the Kenneth Cole Landing Gear loafer …


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